Did you know that, according to the well-known analysis firm, Gartner, 75% of all ERP projects fail? An alarming stat, but one your company can defy if you choose the right implementation company.

The R2W Implementation Team

Whether your organization is new to enterprise resource management or you’re a seasoned user of SAP technologies, think of Keyush Consulting Ltd. (R2W) as a full service partner. From minor enhancements and upgrades right through to end-to-end software deployments, R2W’s SAP implementation team is knowledgeable, supportive, transparent and 100% invested in its projects.

Understanding Your Needs

What good is a software implementation if it doesn’t make sense for your business? Prior to any new implementations or system upgrades, R2W reviews your existing operational landscape to identify issues and bottlenecks. By taking the time to first consult with you and understand your business needs, we’re able to make practical recommendations and perform implementations that serve the greatest benefit to your company.

Making Sure Your ERP Implementation is a Success

We understand the confusion that plagues the ERP industry. And we know perfectly well that this is likely one of the largest, if not the largest, investment your company will make. In other words, a successful outcome is absolutely essential.

Has there been a stakeholder buy-in from top management? Is everyone on board? Have you carefully and intelligently chosen the right partner? Our close working style, clarity of communication, whatever-it-takes attitude and focus on process simplicity is what enables us to execute ERP projects that end positively.

It's More than IT… It's Business

At R2W, we.'e IT experts but we’re also business experts. Although SAP ERP solutions are IT implementations, they’re so much more than that. The right solution, implemented by the right team, paves the road to a complete business transformation. If performed well, the end result is a business that runs beautifully and simply.

New SAP Projects

We know that implementing a new technology within your organization can be an overwhelming and daunting experience. Choosing the right partner can mean the difference between process improvements and bigger problems. R2W not only implements complete SAP solutions for organizations across a wide range of industries, but also provides customizations and ongoing support as you and your team become experts on the new system.

Upgrades and Enhancements

As your business grows and evolves, different needs arise. Is your existing SAP solution still adequate or does your organization require an enhanced system that accommodates and helps you solve new challenges? Let R2W evaluate your current solution and help you make smart implementations to improve efficiency, boost productivity and drive profits.

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